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sponsored by TAKEDA

sponsored by TAKEDA

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Course Director:
Dr. Guido Giusti
Course Vice Director:
Dr. Silvia Proietti
Course date:
24th May 2016
Milano. IRCCS, Ospedale San Raffaele-Turro
Sponsored by:
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Two tubeless supine MiniPercs with MIP system by Karl Storz, one with simultaneous URS for concomitant uretric stone, and one RIRS for urolithiasis have been carried out uneventfully.
Picture 1: Coronal CT scan of the 1st patient (left supine tubeless PNL): a 2 cm stone (HU 1200) of the lower calyx and 8 mm proximal ureteral stone are showed in a patient with congenital solitary kidney, who recently underwent ureteral stenting for severe urosepsis with ICU stay.
Picture 2: Axial CT scan of the 2nd patient (right RIRS): a 1 cm renal stone (HU 1100) of the renal pelvis is showed in a patient who previously underwent open pyelolithotomy.
Picture 3: Axial CT scan of the 3rd patient (left supine tubeless miniPerc): a 1.2 cm stone of the medium calyx (HU 1100) is showed.
Picture 4: Coronal CT scan of the 4th patient (left fURS ): a 2 cm lumbar ureteral tumour with severe hydronephrosis is showed in a young patient with previous history of asymptomatic haematuria.


Dr Carlo Domenico Nisticò: Portogruaro Hospital, Venice, Italy
Dr Bruno Santoni, Sant’ Antonio Hospital, Padova, Italy
Dr Francesca Mazzucato, Ospedali Riuniti Padova Sud” Hospital, Schiavonia, Italy
Dr Andrea Bottai, Lodi’s Hospital, Lodi, Italy
Dr Livio Cappellaro, Carlo Poma Hospital, Mantova, Italy

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